About Autowagons

Autowagons is the world’s first auto research platform that brings comprehensive articles and tools for potential car buyers, sellers and enthusiasts.


At Autowagons, we have a passion for vehicles. We believe your pre-buying and post-buying experience should be fun, not stressful.

That is why we have created an efficient and easy auto research platform to keep you (and auto-enthusiasts everywhere) informed and educated. Our tools and articles would help build confidence in your decision making process no matter if you opt for car sell/ purchase or any other car related service.

We provide a one stop solution to all your queries related to new vehicle insights, auto technologies, aftermarket parts, auto repair, car Loan, auto affordability, car maintenance, modified cars and much more.

We have three broad categories that would help you find relevant content on Autowagons:

Auto Insights

This section consists of research articles and tools related to auto reviews, auto repair and other automotive content.

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Auto Tech

This section has interesting articles that talk about automotive technology, modified cars, latest vehicle parts, etc. We also have a search tool to check description of different auto parts and locate stores that are nearby.

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Auto Finance

You will find tools and articles that help you finance your car in a desirable and affordable manner. It also consists of calculators that help you calculate car loan EMI (Car Loan EMI Calculator), determine your affordable car price (Car Affordability Calculator) and know how much you need to save/invest in order to get your desired car after some years. Also, find other interesting pre-buying tools and calculators that will help you select the most desired car logically and at the right time.

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With millions of vehicles nationwide, our goal is to empower a vehicle buyer, seller or owner with relevant information and tools needed to take any critical action. These actions can be buying, selling, maintaining, modifying, financing, upgrading, etc.

To know more, please visit our website www.autowagons.com or leave us a mail at welcome@autowagons.com

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