Auto Finance

Auto Finance

 This section consists of articles and calculators that would help you research and conduct proper financial analysis before buying a vehicle.


How to Save Money for a Car?

Saving money for a new car sounds simple – spend less and build up savings – but it is assuredly


DIY Car Paint: How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car?

AutoWagons brings to you a guide on how much does it cost to paint your car and how can you paint your car yourself if you want to save cost and do some DIY!


How much car can I afford?

How much car can I afford? The answer to this question is “As low as possible.” In fact, it may



Car Loan Calculators

Car Loan EMI Calculator helps you to calculate Monthly Instalments (EMI) for the loan amount required within seconds from the comfort of your office/home

Invest Now, Buy Later

“Invest Now, Buy Later” calculator helps you calculate monthly investments needed to buy your car at a later date.

Car Affordability Calculator

Find out how much car can you afford with our Car Affordability Calculator. Get your desired car that makes you happy without breaking your monthly budget.

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