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Our Car Loan EMI Calculator helps you to calculate Monthly Instalments (EMI) for the loan amount required within seconds from the comfort of your office/home.

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Car Loan EMI Calculator

This calculator is one of the most frequently used calculators (available on many blogs and bank websites). You just need to enter the amount you wish to borrow along with the interest rate and tenure to determine your Monthly payments (EMI).

Interest rates offered by different banks may vary and you will be able to quickly determine your monthly payment under all scenarios.

For Example: If you know the car loan amount that you need to borrow, let’s say $10,000 and repay it in 48 months (4 years) with rate of interest as 8%, then you can use Car Loan EMI calculator to find out the Monthly payments (EMI) that you need to make in 4 years.

But is that all you need?

Though Car Loan EMI Calculator is used most frequently and is available everywhere, its application is limited to finding EMI only. In the car financing process, people also prefer to estimate Car loan amount based on EMI they can afford. So they need other types of calculators as well in order to have a 360-degree view over their car loan requirements.

So, what are those other calculators people might need apart from a basic Car Loan EMI Calculator?

Basically, people want answers for 4 core questions when going for a car loan.

  1. How much would be the monthly payment i.e. EMI for my Car loan? – Car Loan EMI Calculator
  2. How much money can I borrow based on EMI that I can afford? –  Car Loan Amount Calculator
  3. How long will it take to repay my loan? – Car Loan Tenure Calculator
  4. How much interest would I have to pay if I am buying a used car instead of a new car? Car Interest Rate Calculator

To address the above four questions, we have created four calculators that are easy to use, intuitive and quick to perform. These calculators also consist of advanced features like payment schedule, charts and currency format options.

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