Invest Now, Buy Later

Many times customer plans to buy his favorite car or two-wheeler at a later date.

Main reasons for this behavior are:

  1. Lack of required money
  2. Unable to get a Car loan Approval
  3. Unwilling to get a Car loan and pay high EMIs and Interests

“Invest Now, Buy Later” calculator helps you calculate monthly investments needed to buy your car at a later date.

For Example:

You want to buy a car worth $300,000 (please note currency doesn’t matter for this calculator) in 36 months. You may have, lets say, $100,000 in hand.

You may also know where to invest your money-in-hand and monthly investments (i.e. in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, etc) depending on your risk handling capability. Lets say expected rate of return (annual) on your investments will be 8%.

Based on this information, you can evaluate your estimated monthly investment required to buy that car using the “Invest Now, Buy Later” calculator.

In addition to that you can also check “Investment Schedule” and “Charts” for better visualization of your investments.

For a step by step tutorial on this calculator click here.

To understand the benefits of “Invest now, Buy Later”. Click here.

We would soon come up with a functionality that would suggest the best investment plan based on your monthly investment and risk profile.

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