DIY Headlight Repair: How to Restore The Headlights Of The Vehicle?

Opaque headlights are a problem that occurs in thousands of vehicles. With every passing year deterioration effect increases because of several climatic factors either cold or heat but the number one enemy is sunlight. The headlights of automobiles in general today are made of polycarbonate material that is a lightweight material and much more resistant. The problem is that when your car is outdoors for a long time, this material is wearing out and losing its properties making them opaque.

In this article, we will show you a simple step by step method of how to restore the headlights without having to take it to a mechanical workshop or spend a lot of money. You can also find these materials at any auto parts store.

How Do I Know That I Need to Restore My Headlights?

Look at your headlights with your lights switched off. Don’t blind yourself! If they look cloudy, dull, scratched or yellow, then it’s definitely time to give them a thorough cleaning.

You just don’t clean your headlight only because of cosmetic reasons. Your bulbs will struggle to shine through the damage on your headlight lenses. This lets you believe that your bulbs aren’t as bright as you expected. You would end up changing your bulbs too early, costing you money and effort in the process.

Damaged or Opaque lenses can also lead to reduced visibility especially at night. You may want to restore that crucial night time visibility, as well as give your car’s appearance a refreshed look.

There are a few ways in which you can do achieve this. If your headlights only have very light wear and tear, you can use some home remedies to help prevent any further damage. But first, let us go through the materials that are required.

Materials Needed:

The materials that you must have at hand are:

  • 1 soft cloth
  • 1 masking tape for vehicles
  • 1 Glass cleaning liquid
  • 1 Polishing for vehicles or Plastic polishing (recommended)
  • 1 Polishing machine for Cars
  • 1 silicone polishing wax

How To Restore Headlights Of The Vehicle?

Autowagons brings you a step by step process on how to restore headlights of the Vehicle.

1) Wipe the Headlights Clean

Open the hood and hold it with the rod. Clean the screen surface of the headlight using the glass cleaning liquid and the soft cloth, removing all the dirt that it has.

2) Apply Car Polish on Headlights

Then place the masking tape around the headlight to avoid contact with other plastic or metal parts of the vehicle,  then apply car polish or plastic polish on the entire surface of the headlight display to create a full coat. If you have doubts about how to do it follow the instructions that are behind the container.

3) Polish Your Headlights using Polishing Machine

After applying the wax wait a few minutes and then grip the polishing machine and start polishing the headlight screen evenly all over the surface until it is clean. Repeat the above procedure if necessary.

4) Protect your Headlights with Silicon Wax

Then apply Silicone Wax on the surface of the headlight screen and then grab the polishing machine and run it all over the surface again, this will give more protection and brightness to the headlights.

How Long Does the Polishing of the Headlights Last?

This is a very difficult answer to get. We must take into account that polishing the headlights to restore them are not 100% effective and may not be as new. The duration of a polished beacon is limited, remember that in a short time (months) they can deteriorate again. But at least it is a way for them to be safe again, to circulate with them so that they illuminate well especially driving at night and of course, improving the aesthetics of the vehicle.


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