DIY Engine Maintenance: How to Clean The Engine Bay?

We know that many of you are hardcore car enthusiasts. You try to take care of your cars every day, especially their main heart which is the engine. A clean engine bay facilitates mechanical or maintenance work and helps you avoid getting a lot of grease or dirt. Cleaning the engine regularly prevents rusting of car parts, removes dirt and salt that you get from the road (especially if you live near the sea) and of course prolongs the life of your engine. We will show you how to clean the engine compartment quickly and easily from your home without spending a lot of money.

Material Required

First of all you must have the following materials:

  • Cloths or clean towels.
  • Plastic bags or covers.
  • 1 multipurpose cleaner or degreaser for engines.
  • 1 small or medium brush.
  • 1 spray polisher for engines.

How to Clean The Engine Bay?

Autowagons brings you a step by step process on how to clean your engine bay.

1) Open The Hood Of Your Car

Open the hood and secure it with the rod, then place the rags or clean towels on the side fenders so that when we support ourselves at the time of cleaning we will not scratch the paint with the belt of the pants, keys or anything else.

2) Check The Temperature of Your Engine

Check the engine temperature if it is cold, warm or hot. In most cases, the engine must be cleaned when the temperature is between cold and warm. But if the engine compartment is very dirty it is recommended to clean it with the warm engine. This helps in better removal of grease and accumulated grime.

3) Cover the Car parts

Cover the electrical parts of the motor, such as the battery, alternator, distributor, carburetors, fuse box, filters, etc., with plastic bags or covers. So they do not get wet with water. This step is one of the most important since a simple cleaning can become a nightmare and can not ignite the vehicle anymore.

4) Sprinkle Water around the Engine Compartment

Wet the entire engine compartment with mild pressure water spreading throughout the areas once you have covered all car engine parts.

5) Apply a Cleaner and Wait

Apply the multipurpose cleaner or degreaser for engines throughout the engine compartment.  If it is very dirty we can use a small or medium brush to finish removing the remaining dirt. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the Cleaner or degreaser to take effect and then wet the compartment again with mild pressure water to remove all impurities.

6) Dry the Entire Engine Compartment

Use a cloth or towel and start to dry the entire engine compartment, make sure everything is dry.

7) Remove all Plastic covers

After drying, remove all the bags or plastic covers previously placed on the electrical parts. Be careful not to spill water residues that are trapped in the plastics otherwise it would ruin all the work.

8) Finally, Apply Spray Polish

Then apply the spray polish throughout the engine compartment, especially in the plastic parts. This will help your car look nice and shiny. It is recommended to wait a couple of hours before starting your engine after cleaning. Then start the engine and check for 2 or 3 minutes if everything is working correctly and we are done.

Congratulations you have successfully learned how to clean your engine bay on your own!


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