How to Remove Scratches On Your Car At Home

Scratches on your car body can be one of the worst nightmares for any vehicle owner. If you use your car daily, you know perfectly well that sooner or later the paint will begin to show small marks. This can happen because of several factors:

  • Maneuvering of the steering wheel in a hurry,
  • Lack of attention or poor visibility,
  • Parking your vehicle in a complicated place,
  • The exit or entry of your garage,
  • A small traffic crash because of some irresponsible pedestrians.

Over time the body of your car will no longer be bright, clean or beautiful. You could say that scratches are simple wrinkles over time and repairing them can be very expensive. That is why we are going to give you some useful tips so that you can remove them yourself.

You must effectively intervene and examine scratches on the body. Always bear in mind that there are several types of marks, more or less deep. Examine carefully the state of the scratch. First of all, take your time to observe and analyze the damaged part in a lighted environment. If it’s dark, you can use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to take a closer look. In most cases, the scratch marks are so superficial that it takes very fewer efforts to repair them. On the other hand, if you notice that the scratch has penetrated even under the paint then you should take your vehicle to a specialized auto paint shop.

Now if the scratches on your car body are not very deep, we will give you a few simple steps to repair them by yourself and without spending a fortune.

  1. Look for a large container and pour water in it. Then add 1 tablespoon of liquid soap or car shampoo and mix everything.
  2. Soak a sponge, cloth or cleaning cloth and squeeze it to drain excess water.
  3. Rub the sponge or cloth over the scratch of the body of the vehicle smoothly without damaging the paint (put on some rubber gloves if you have).
  4. Rinse with cold water in the affected area. Repeat the above step several times if necessary.
  5. Dry the affected area well with a clean cloth without leaving the parts moist.
  6. Then grab a dry microfiber cloth together with polishing wax for cars and apply it to the affected area making circular movements until removing the scratches disappear.
  7. Finally, use another dry microfibre cloth in the polished area to remove excess polish.

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